I don't often believe in kismet, but lo and behold on the week that I decide to play "the pusher man" the most promising, unique and innovative new singer and songwriter in the country has just released his first full length album on I-Tunes, Buddy's "Alterations And Repairs."

ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS on I-Tunes (copy and paste):


If you'll allow me for a few moments to divert my energy away from LIT-RA-TURE, as my favorite anti-semite poet Ezra Pound once called it, and dive into the world of music, I must take the time to write a few words about Buddy's music...

Passionate, honest, and unflinching emotion...If you do not want these qualities from your art and music then stay away from Buddy because there's nowhere to hide. Buddy's music is, in two words, fearlessly naked, and yet with his near telepathic backing band of Will Golden on bass, Michael Jerome and Al Sgro on percussions, and Percy Mamikunian on guitar, there is also an elegance that walks the near impossible line between one clasically composed tippany after another, and an all out Pop scream in its rawest form. This juxtaposition alone is staggering and unique.

But it's not just the music, it's the words. Admittedly lyrics, those most difficult things to pull off in a pop song, are the true mark of greatness, and if I'm correct about this than Buddy more than holds his own, he owns his own.

Love, hate, family, fear, pain, joy...somehow it's all there, filtered through Buddy's mind and heart with no spit shine, but never in an obvious way that beats you over the head. Every word slaved over, one listen to Buddy and you can hear that this is not a guy simply wandering around looking to write the next hit, be the next big thing, but that his journey is to travel deep, and maybe, bring it back for all of us. His guitar, his pen, his voice are his razors.

So listen up, listen in, remember the name, because this is the just beginning of Buddy's journey, and it's about time.

Buddy - "Alterations and Repairs"


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