To The Climbing Tree

To The Climbing Tree, originally uploaded by levari.

Your simple, sturdy branches
between scratched legs and
bare feet once transformed
a simple boy into

a king,
an emperor,
a conqueror

of jungles, oceans, deserts, mountains -

so many that I believed
your powers were endless,
and were mine.

Just a boy, we are always being reminded.
Just a boy, we are constantly being told.

But you let me have it, for as long as I wanted,
in whatever way I could imagine,
as long as I stayed within your budding grasp.

I have come back to this backyard,
these woods, and I am
so tired from living with the brutality of the decorated world, though I know it is my place, and I must return.

You stand here dying, my old friend,
on this February morning,
in snow falling too soft and meaningless
to ever stick.

You stand here dying, you son of a bitch,
and it's only a matter of time now

as I sit
leaning my back against
your hollowed trunk
wishing you
would now
lean against me,
that I could take the weight,
any weight,
let alone yours.

If I could, maybe for a moment,
we could make each other young,
strong and fearless against all comers,
while laughing at these seasons,
the way we once did

Dresher, PA - 2/9/08