Golden Bars (begin)

What were you always waiting for?
All this "getting through..."

What are you waiting for?
All this so-called knowledge
before you begin.

One last book,
one last sentence,
one last word,
one last film,
one last theory,
one last conversation

that will finally end all this,
let it begin.

One last piece that will finally
allow you to say


I'm selling everything off,
I'm burning everything down,
going straight out of business,
and it's about time.

Maybe stand on you own,
speak your own,
hear your own

just this once.

And just when you believe
there's nothing left,


it is finally time to begin
there is always one more...

One more question,
one more curiosity,
one more mistake,
one more experience,
one more overgrown path
stretching before you.

So you take the step,
start chopping away,
dive in,
believing this is the last
and afterwards
life will begin,

you always promise this.

Los Angeles - 4/26/06