Ode To Los Angeles

Driving L.A.
from the ocean
east into the city

and back again
at 4:19 a.m.

No cars on the road,
no copter blades in the sky,
high and peaceful -
the phone is finally off -

No one screwing you
and no one you're trying to screw
in broad daylight -

just don't let us,
the descendants of the
forked tongue fool you;
the real vampires sleep just fine
at night -

and as the
empty streets blow by,
the memories of you
fade out and in,
for that single moment,
I disappear,

and the only
thing that ever
really mattered,
matters now
like it never should
have stopped:

the street lights
dotted green
as far as the eye
can see

and the


Blazing the trail
to everywhere
I long ago forgot.

Los Angeles - 7/25/07