Take That Woody Allen...

Hell has indeed frozen over...

For the first time I can ever remember the New York Times has published a (somewhat) kind article about Los Angeles, calling it the new center of the art world. Of course the article also laments the fact that the local populace and business communities are a step behind the rest of the world in acknowledging this fact.

However, coming up on my eight year anniversary of living in my adopted city I feel this article is a bit of an anniversary gift; in many respects it sums up all the aspects of Los Angeles, not only about art but about life, that I saw and felt when I first came here in 1999, and why as a young and struggling artist I decided to make my stand here as opposed to New York City.

I saw the possibilies then and this article is the first public acknowledgement and validation of my instincts by a newspaper that has been legendarily, stereotypically cruel to this, my megalopolis.

So take that, Woody Allen.

Link to the article here: